Beacon Insurance Company Limited (‘Beacon’), licensed in Gibraltar since 15 August 2013, is a specialist run-off insurance company. It outsources its business operations to two providers:

Policyholders and creditors of Beacon should contact Quest Consulting for all claim submissions and claim related matters at:

Rebecca Neill
Quest Consulting (London) Ltd
52-54 Gracechurch Street
London EC3V 0EH
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 20 7015 8650


Stakeholder information: Beacon Insurance Company Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of EIFlow Insurance Limited. A copy of EIFlow Holdings Limited latest Solvency and Financial Condition Report is available here: [SFCR report]

Prior year versions:

2020 SFCR report
2019 SFCR report
2018 SFCR report
2017 SFCR report






Beacon is authorised and regulated by:

Gibraltar Financial Services Commission
PO Box 940
Suite 3, Atlantic Suites
Tel: +350 200 40283


Registered Office
5/5 Crutchett’s Ramp
GX11 1AA

Incorporated and registered in Gibraltar. Number: 108537